Divorce, Custody, PFA, and Paternity cases

Case 1 – Represented a limited-income wife to win possession of the house and her retirement accounts

Case 2 – Negotiated large cash settlement for farmer’s wife with multi-county land assets and inheritance farm

Case 3 – Obtained sole custody of children, plus spousal maintenance and child support for a low-income mother divorcing an uncooperative, drug-addicted husband

Case 4 – Obtained child support and custody for limited-income mother in divorce case against out-of-state ex-husband with emotionally and physically abusive behaviors

Case 5 – Got an improper default divorce judgment set aside in a divorce case involving an ex-wife taking advantage of ex-husband during traumatic physical and mental health crisis

Case 6 – Meth distribution charges reduced to simple possession with prosecutor’s recommendation for probation; custody flipped in favor of client against child’s mother in related Protection from Abuse and Divorce cases; divorce and criminal matter

Case 7 – Father originally denied any custody or parenting time with his two children, Charles convinced court to grant joint custody and regular unsupervised parenting time

Case 8 – Won dismissal of unfounded paternity petition based on Ross hearing arguments

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