Criminal and DUI cases

Case 1 – Negotiated improper domestic violence battery charges to disorderly conduct with unsupervised probation

Case 2 – Won case dismissal over the State’s objections on an aggravated battery charge involving self-defense

Case 3 – Negotiated dismissal of felony drug charges in Cloud County

Case 4 – Won probation departure of sentence for client with multiple felony charges in burglary cases

Case 5 – Obtained diversion for a client charged with theft in a skipped-check case

Case 6 – Felony DUI charge reduced to a Misdemeanor DUI; improper law enforcement search warrant problem

Case 7 – 5 felony and misdemeanor charges including theft, residential burglary, and criminal damage to property pled down to a single count of non-residential burglary

Case 8 – Won Motion to Suppress DUI evidence obtained through an illegal search

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